Project Description

When the Little Rock School District wanted to connect 25,000 classroom network ports to the Internet, they were smart. They chose IK Network Solutions.

IK designed, provided and installed a complete secure network to converge voice, video and integrated data district wide. In addition, IK built wireless networks where necessary and installed over a thousand miles of cabling throughout 60 facilities. On top of it all IK performed the electrical work to power it all up.

The upgraded network enables the district’s staff to manage the entire network from a single administrative location. Lucy Neal, the District’s Director of Technology and Media Services, said “the network allows use of instructional software among the classrooms and gives students instant access to online learning tools, including instructional databases on the Internet.”

IK Network Solutions is your hometown 85-year-old networking solutions contractor providing convergent networking solutions and electrical infrastructure to schools, homeowners, corporations, utility companies and local governments throughout Arkansas.